Friday, October 28, 2005

Meeting of review teams

There are four other research reviews which have been commissioned by the Higher Education Academy, namely:
  • Undergraduate student experience of blended learning approaches: Dr Rhona Sharpe, Oxford Brookes
  • The first year experience: Professor Lee Harvey, Sheffield Hallam University
  • The impact of working context and support on the postgraduate research student learning: Professor Diana Leonard and Dr Janet Metcalfe, Institute of Education and UK GRAD
  • The role and critical analysis of the effectiveness of reflective practice in programmes for new academic staff: Dr Peter Khan, University of Manchester.
The call for these reviews went out earlier than the one we responded to, and the review teams have just started work (whereas we don't start until January 2006.)
There is a little more information at

Yesterday (Wednesday 26th October) there was an inaugural meeting for the teams, which was extremely useful: finding out more about people's approaches to the review, and also identifying some common concerns (e.g. database formats). The meeting was held at the Higher Education Academy HQ, which is in York. After the meeting I spent a couple of hours in York, which I enjoyed despite the fact that it was tipping down with rain (see photo, above, taken by the river).

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

What this blog is about

This blog has been set up to report progress on a Review of Research Literature that will be undertaken, January-June 2006, with funding from the UK's Higher Education Academy, in conjunction with the Society of College, National and University Libraries.

The aim is to inform practitioners, policy makers and researchers in UK Higher Education (HE) by illuminating key concepts, evidence and issues concerned with information literacy in students’ experience of learning in HE. This will include a focus on approaches to teaching and support of information literacy, and on the impact of information literacy and libraries as regards the student learning experience.

The team is led by Sheila Webber (Department of Information Studies (DIS) University of Sheffield, and the rest of the team consists of:

–Professor Sheila Corrall, DIS
–Bill Johnston, Centre for Academic Practice & Learning Enhancement, Strathclyde University
–Dr Philippa Levy, Director, Centre for Inquiry-based Learning in the Arts and Social Sciences, & DIS
–Sharon Markless, Institute of Learning and Teaching, King’s College, University of London
–David Streatfield, Information Management Associates.